Graphic Designer & Developer

Tom Laker is a graphic designer and developer based in Stockholm. Originating from the South coast of England Tom has lived and worked all over the world, from Hong Kong to Australia and now Sweden. His work has been shaped by the environments he’s lived and by the strong morals he holds.

Tom’s approach is to build long lasting relationships with his clients through strong communication, collaboration and beautiful designs. From managing a team of ten, to working solo on projects from conception to delivery, Tom has experienced all sides of the design conversation and that has allowed him the maturity and expertise to deliver.

With over a decade of professional experience across the whole spectrum of design and being traditionally taught in graphic design at Falmouth University, Tom doesn’t focus on one aspect of design and creativity but uses the medium as a way to tell stories and show the beauty in the world.

This passionate interest in all areas of graphic design has allowed him to work across multiple disciplines and industries, applying his trade as the situation demands. Tom believes no matter the industry or environment, there’s always room to make positive change.

Tom currently resides in Stockholm with his partner and their young child.

Tom Laker at an art shop in Japan doing tranditional japanese painting.
  • Art direction
  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • App design
  • Visual identity
  • Digital design
  • Branding
  • User exeperience
  • User interface
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Moving image
  • Illustration
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  • Camp