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Stockholm, Sweden


We spent this Sunday learning about mushrooms in the forests to the South of Stockholm. Mushroom picking is a Swedish custom and once you enter the forests and see the obscene array of mushrooms on offer, it’s not hard to understand why. Just be careful you don’t kill yourself in the process. A few images from the day.

Sweden has over ten thousand species of mushroom.
Around one hundred species are edible, the rest are either inedible or poisonous.

Mushroom picking was a completely new concept to me and as far as I was concerned, if I ate a wild mushroom, there was a good chance I would die. Fortunately we went on a course and had professional guidance along the way. We cooked our mushrooms up into an amazing risotto that evening which was a perfect end to our first ever day mushroom hunting. If you're interested in going mushroom hunting in Sweden, i recommend you use Brian who can be [found here]( "Mushroom tours").